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FROZEN Pigs Feet Soup (32oz jar)

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Pigs Feet Soup is a tradition for many families in Hawaiʻi and around the world. This deceptively simple soup is made of ginger, Chinese black vinegar, Chinese brown sugar, and pigs feet--that's it! Each of these ingredients plays a role helping to warm, nourish, and replenish a new mom while supporting her womb's recovery. It's also an ʻono, celebratory dish to share with friends and family.

We use pigs feet from locally raised animals.

Note: The soup comes with bones and chunks of ginger still in it. If you enjoy eating cartilage, gelatin and all that pigs feet goodness, dig in! You may find the ginger pleasantly candied too. Or, discard unwanted parts and sip the reheated broth or pour over rice or poi. This soup gets better each day.

Comes in a 32oz mason jar. Gap left for freezing.


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