"Motherwit" is defined as "natural wit or intelligence." Whether biological or adopted, chosen or slyly reproductive*, mothers have always used their creative energies, their wisdom, and their interdependence with others to feed, heal, protect, and balance in ever more sophisticated, yet simple ways. 

Right now, Motherwit is a work in progress being incubated by the Purple Maiʻa Foundation. We're looking for funders, help with marketing/outreach, and any help we can get. If you love the mission of feeding postpartum families, and you know a way you can support, please email us at kelsey@motherwit.co.


The Motherwit Team

Kelsey Amos, Busy Mama

I'm a co-founder and co-CEO of Purple Maiʻa Foundation and mom of a 2-year-old. My ancestors come from Japan, Scotland, Ireland, England, and France; I grew up in Mililani and living in Puʻunui. Aside from Motherwit, my passion project is Food+ Policy. I have a PhD in English / Cultural Studies from UH Mānoa. 

The idea for Motherwit Co. started during my own postpartum experience in the spring/summer/fall of 2020. Remember that time? It was rough. What do you do when you're stuck in bed with nothing but a desperately wonderful, vulnerable, just-arrived being and a sense of urgency to build a better world for him? I guess you do the best you can with what you have, just like every mother before you.


Ashlynn Miyashiro, Design Maven

Hi, my name is Ashlynn. I am a graphic designer at Purple Maiʻa and help with branding and marketing for Motherwit Co. We are still trying to find our footing when it comes to brand style and identity but we’ll get there eventually! My main goal is to create eye-catching, enjoyable, and emotionally engaging content to reach out to all the island mamas and families who need help with their nutrition during and after pregnancy.



Lauren Finley Jacob, Herbalist Advisor

In addition to her offerings and creations at Cosmos and Carrot Tops, Lauren was our resident tea maker, chef, delivery person, spreadsheet-updater, documentary filmmaker, and source of all knowledge on flower essences, body astrology, earth crowns, and much, much more. Lauren was with us from our start in 2022 until the birth of her son in 2023! As she journeys into motherhood, we know she'll continue to be a friend, advisor, and collaborator.


*In her poem, "Sons," Haunani Kay-Trask wrote, "I am slyly / reproductive: ideas / books, history / politics, reproducing / the rope of resistance / for unborn generations."