Healing meals for mom and the whole ʻohana

Motherwit Co. is a meal delivery service that focuses on healthy, comforting meals and snacks based on cultural food knowledge. We specializing in supporting new parents during postpartum by feeding them restorative foods that warm bellies and ease minds. But if you're pregnant, trying to conceive, or just a busy parent, we're here for you too!

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Things are changing

After almost a year of offering a fresh weekly menu of postpartum soups, stews, snacks, and baked goods, we are changing things up!

We're now focusing on FROZEN soups and stews + bone broth and occasional frozen treats--all designed for postpartum and lactation support.

We will still deliver on Oʻahu! Deliveries will be MONDAY MORNING so place your orders by Sunday night. We recommend someone is home to receive the order, but if you absolutely can't be, leave a cooler out :)

More exciting developments are underway as we transition into the best version of Motherwit we can be. Stay tuned.

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How it Works

Currently delivering to the entire island of Oʻahu on Monday mornings.

Pickup available Thursdays in Mōʻiliʻili.

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More Info
  • Supporting Mom

    Postpartum is hard, and you weren't mean to do it alone. Postpartum moms need to be supported by family, friends, and community. You deserve the healthiest, love-filled food and medicine to heal your amazing body and remind you that while you hold your baby, you are also being held.

  • Honoring Womens' Knowledge

    Postpartum food traditions are developed, practiced, and passed on through the genius of mothers, grandmothers, and aunties who've survived belittlement and erasure. Let's celebrate and honor them by caring for each other today and sharing recipes and knowledge.

  • Eating Local

    ʻĀina--that which feeds--is our ultimate mother. Like many moms today, she is overextended due to extractive practices. As we work to nourish and support you, we also take care of the land by minimizing plastic and sourcing as much food as we can from local producers that prioritize healthy ʻāina.